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Which netbooks offer the best Wi-Fi?

One of the primary features of netbooks are their portability and of course, most people use them when they are on the move. While on the move, users usually need to access Internet and in the case of netbooks, connectivity mainly comes in the form of Wi-Fi and hence, comparing Wi-Fi connectivity between netbooks is an important judgement criteria. Check out this article for some answers!

“Depending on the netbook vendor, 802.11n may be included on specific fixed-configuration models, available as an upgrade option for build-to-order configurations, or it may not be offered at all. We've done the legwork for you for nine popular netbook brands, so read on to find out which ones will or won't fill the bill when you're looking for 802.11n. (Note: the 802.11n netbooks cited here support only the 2.4 GHz version, not the 5GHz variety.)”

Author Name:Binod Kumar
Published Date:29 July 2009
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